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Our Promise

1)      The trust of our Service is to put in place a dynamic insurance portfolio to protect your assets and liabilities at economic cost.

2) Do an Independent review of your subsisting insurance policies to determine the adequacy of cover granted. Premium rates will also be examined to find out if economic premium are being charged.

3)       Interpretation of Polices, we ensure that all policy terms and conditions, clauses, warrants are well defined without ambiguity for your benefit. Most disagreement and misgiving on insurance stem from ambiguous policy wordings and our expertise will be brought to bear.

4)       Portfolio Administration: As Insurance Brokers, we relieve you of the burden of coping with the management of an unfamiliar technical service like insurance by liaising between your organization and the insurer at no extra cost to you.
5)       Claim Administration is a major area where we ensure that adequate and fair settlement is obtained within the shortest possible time for our clients.

6)       A broad based risk management programme will be put in place which will involve the implementation of loss prevention and reduction measures to be recommended by an expert team of risk surveyors after conducting a risk survey of your facilities and premises for risk improvement. This encourages Insurers to reduce premiums chargeable.

Your insurance programme will be tailor packaged to meet your peculiar needs such that future operational changes and methodologies can be incorporated from time to time.

We want to reiterate that our services as Insurance Brokers and Consultants to our clients is free of additional cost as we are statutorily remunerated by brokerage.



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